Honda Setsubi Co., Ltd.

【Wakayama Office・Factory】〒640-8303 826-1 Narukami,Wakayama,Wakayama

日本語 / English

Scope of Business

1.Piping construction for petrochemical plants

2.Sanitary piping construction

3.Installation of water supply/drainage equipment

4.Food maintenance construction

5.Several types of maintenance

6.Plant Maintenance

7.Machinery Installation

8.Manufacturing several types of stainless units

9.Worker dispatch business

10.Natural energy electric generation system etc

Licensed (Authorized staff members)

2nd Gr. Piping Construction Management Engineer 2
Fire Protection Engineer 1
Water Supply and Drainage Construction Engineer 1
Persons who have completed the training course of improving safety and sanitary promotion ability 3
Stainless Steel Welder JIS TN-F 16
Stainless Steel Welder JIS TN-P 12
Persons who have completed the training course of gas welding skill 15
Specially educated for arc welding 21
Persons who have completed the training course of slinging operation 20
Vehicle-type Construction Machine Operator 1
Persons who have completed the skill training course for vehicle for work at height 10
Skilled Operator of Small-sized Mobile Crane 5
Operation Chief of Oxygen Deficient/Hydrogen Sulfide Danger; Class II 5
Persons who have completed the specified skill training course for operation chief of oxygen deficient danger 6
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Facilities Manager 1
Low Electric Voltage Handler 7
Operation Chief of Scaffolding Arrangement 18
Persons who have completed the education of foremen 5
Forklift Operator 3
Grinding Wheel Switching Operator 5
Operation Chief of Organic Solvent 3
PT Inspector 1
Ordinary Class Boiler Welder 1

Factory Equipment

TIG Welder 17
Arc Welder 4
GF Pipe Cutter 7
Bandsaw Installation 1
Bandsaws (Small - Medium) 5
2.8t Ceiling Crane 2
Automatic Welder 1
Bench Drilling Machine 1
Tapping Machine 1
Plasma Cutter 1
Pipe Bender 1
Positioner 1
Engine Driven TIG Welder 1
Generator 1
Compressor 2
Various Electrical Tools 1

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